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Apr. 12th, 2011

Is it something new to LJ?

What are these spam people who make comments? o.O
What do they want?
Are they just for making me think someone likes my journaling?
Well, it does make me happy for a second or so...

In case you aren't spam people, but are genuine individuals with thoughts and feelings, I am terribly sorry for thinking you are spam bots >.< Drop me a line and tell me otherwise!

Feb. 19th, 2011

Hopefully soon!

I know I am super late and all, but who is excited for the new male group from SM??? :D

I know I am!

Hopefully we will see some of the trainees I have stalked online the past few years. I know Han Kyuwan won't be in it, and I doubt Kang Junyoung will be in it (he has been somewhat more active writing in his diary on his mini-hompy the past month), but maybe Park Chanyeol and Kim Joonmyeon? Let's hope!

I guess Jino will be in it, and I am really happy about it. He is an impressive fellow. Man, he is great!

Oh, and I hope the Chinese trainee Yi Xing who danced for SHINee will be in it. He looked like he could dance!

I can't wait! I'm already loving them, whoever they migth be XD

I used to love reading comments...

I honestly can't read comments or anything written by fanatic JYJ-fans anymore. I just can't. It makes my blod boil and makes me want to scream. It literally makes me sick.

I know it's all my own fault. I could chose to not be affected by their words. And in a sense, I don't give a damn if, and how much, they hate everyone who isn't on "their" side.

What really gets to me is the plain ignorance they spout their words with.

I am strongly against any discrimination based on age. Personal development and maturity is not related to the number on your last birtday card, so I won't blame those fans because they are young. Maybe they are, but many of them aren't, especially not young enough to be excused.

I am, however, a firm believer in common sense and basic logic, but unfortunately these things don't seem to come easy.


- JYJ-fans believe every word DBSK ever made about friendship and brotherhood, but they don't see that those words were/could be just as much (or not at all) ordered from SM as any of HoMin's statements after the break.

- JYJ-fans don't seem to know the difference between investing in a company, and promoting a company.

Of course I know not all JYJ-fans are crazy. Some are really intelligent and friendly, and are honestly concerned about their favourite artists well-being. But unfortunately those are not the ones who are seen in comments sections all over kpop fandom on the Internet.

Therefore I must, for the sake of my own mental health, part from communities where these kind of fans are free to express themselves as they wish. And this is kind of ironic considering I have recently spent over two months working on a thesis that's all about how awesome fandom is.

Jan. 3rd, 2011

Anti-SM people

These anti-SM people... seriously -_-

Taking every word spoken by SM-artists as a lie ordered by SME...

Spreading lies and rumours under the banner of "fact"...

Believing things to be true just because the person writing it online is good with words...

Turning every statement to fit their needs...

Having no grasp of a reality beyond good and bad...

Being young and passionate is great. Being deluded by propaganda is not so great.

Dec. 21st, 2010

Not going to debut soon...

I am sad to say that I have strong reason to believe Han Kyuwan is enlisting this coming Saturday.
Yes, on Christmas Day. I guess Koreans don't really care for Christmas anyways ^^;

Today on his cyworld there is this message:
"I want to enjoy things and have fun and live like Every day is the last Day"

Let's keep that in mind and try to follow it ^^

But I won't lose hope of seeing him debut one day >.<

But on the subject of trainees. I am very happy to see Jino is SM The Ballad! He may be a rookie, but boy can he sing! Very excited to see what happens to him after these promotions are over. I don't think SM will keep him hidden for long~ ;D

Also, Park Hyo Shin enlisted today. He has been an artist since he was in high school, it must feel strange to suddenly do something else. Maybe it will be good for him even? I hope he will be ok, always ^^

Dec. 19th, 2010

About JYJ...

Warning: Rant. Do not read if you are a hard core JYJ fan who will go crazy if you see anyone offering a different point of view than "JYJ = holy. SME = evil". You have been warned, so live with your decision.

You others can read on...Collapse )

Dec. 7th, 2010

Celebrities who donate to charity 'in secret'

These days there have been two reported cases of celebrities who have been found out to have been donating to charity. The first was Xiah Junsu donating money to an organization, the other one was Shin Sekyung who donated rice to the refugees from Yeonpyeong Island. You can read about these cases on allkpop here and here. I did.

Stars getting involved with charity is nothing new and nothing special; they do it all the time to improve their image.
It makes no difference if it was done 'in secret', because it's just another part of the image building: it makes people think they 'found out' them and can see their true selves.

So. Shin Sekyung.
I'm supposed to believe that she was so concerned about those people who have left their homes on Yeonpyeong that she just had to go there to deliver som "rice and comfort". I can believe it if she had some relatives among them. But if she did, some rice and a visit probably wouldn't be all she could do for them.

So she went in secret, but strangely enough the news got to know it anyway? This woman reportedly dated Jonghyun for over a month in the middle of Seoul (on the streets?!) without getting found out, but she couldn't go to a remote place outside of Incheon without attracting attention?
I'm sorry, I don't buy it. This, too, is a publicity stunt.

And it worked! 
Netizen didn't wait long until they started to praise her kind and pure heart, saying things like "so this is why Jonghyun likes her!" or "her heart is just as beautiful as her face".

Somehow netizen are always blind to the possibility that not everything is black and white. Is it really because they are young?
Sure enough, if you keep an open mind and are ready to consider many possible reasons behind a certain action it gets harder to be a hard core fan, or anti-fan, of anything.

I'm not a fan or anti-fan, but I have been around long enough to suspect Shin Sekyung's little excursion wasn't just about her doing her best to help.

If I had been Shin Sekyung, and I had wanted to do something secretly for the misfortunate people from Yeonpyeong I had asked my manager, the same guy to knows all there is to know about me, to go there and take tons of  supplies with him. Or I had donated money to an organization anonymously. Believe it or not, you can do that. But as a celebrity I probably had realized that my biggest asset is my fame and would have used that.

There are lots of things Shin Sekyung could have done to help those people if she had chosen to use her fame instead of trying to help in 'secret'. She could have raised some funds, asked people to donate clothes or food. She could even have joined the military in order to help future victims. Or why not become a spy who would sneak into North Korea and end all madness altogether.

And I know some might think I'm just hating on Shin Sekyung because I'm a butthurt Shawol who is jealous of her glamorous body.
That's not the case.
And I'm not hating, I'm just saying she didn't do it because she is a wonderful person. I would be surprised if her management didn't tell her to go. Do I have proof? Of course not. But neither has all those who claim she is an angel.

And I just can't get over the "comfort" part. How delusional must a girl be to honestly believe that her going there will comfort those who lost their homes, maybe even a neighbour or family member, and probably won't be able to return ever again? I had understood it if they had requested for her to come. There has been some shows where sick kids ask to meet their idols, and that makes them happy of course. But for the fishermen on those islands, I doubt they have even watched Shin Sekyung's works.

As for Xiah Junsu, the same goes for him. Of course it was for improving his image. The same thing with JYJ who apparently donate part of their income from the world tour to charity. They are doing what they can to show that they are the good guys. But I will get back to the whole JYJ-thing one of these days when I'm not busy working on my thesis.

Oct. 28th, 2010

On 'sluts'

Just to put it out there:

A girl/woman wearing short pants/skirt and/or revealing her belly, cleavage or som other parts of her boob is not a slut.

Trying to be sexy does not make a girl/woman a slut.

Using her body to get favours or get attention does not make her a slut, possibly just a bit skanky.

Having sex with many partners in a short time does not make a woman a slut.

However, having sex with many partners in a short time without having any fond feelings for any of them, kind of makes her a slut in my book.

It's not cool to use the word 'slut' for persons who aren't sluts for real. Because it you do, what do you call the real ones?
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Oct. 8th, 2010

Hurricane Venus

I like the image of a Hurricane Venus.
That is, from Boa's song.

I especially like the line "불안한 소용돌이 그 안에서 태어나", but unfortunately the most common translation for it online seems to be "The uneasy whirlpools are born in there", but with my very limited knowledge of the Korean language I would rather have the line translated to something like "Born from the uneasy whirlpools". I have been trying to find a translation that confirms my version, and finally I found one from this youtuber (thank you!).

The meaning of that one line makes all the difference.
Just think about it! A woman born from the whirlpools gives a totally different image than the classic Venus born from the sea (you know the lady on the big shell? On the painting by Sandro Botticelli? Google it lol). I imagine the classic Venus to be gently blown towards the shore...  There is nothing cool about that!

But a Hurricane Venus. She is born from a whirlpool! That is way cool! Whirlpools are considered something dangerous, no? So being born from them should mean that you get strong.

Then there is the aspect of Boa's dance as well. The entire dance is pretty forceful and masculine (punching and kicking her dancers, the hip thrusts...), but the ending pose with the male dancers collapsing around her is very, very feminine. You could say the dance routine is symbolic of the birth of the Hurricane Venus; the fight to rise from the whirlpools that threaten to pull you down. And with the endig... well, I think it's painfully beautiful; a woman's true power lies in her femininity.

Now, I'm not saying all ladies out there should put on her dress and do handicrafts by the fireplace waiting for her hubby to bring home the bacon (no wait, that sounds kind of nice too lol). That's not necessarily the femininity of the Hurricane Venus. I would like to imagine a Hurricane Venus living true to herself, full of grace and elegance. But it's not a femininity you are born with, it's something you must acquire.

Jun. 29th, 2010

A photo I took

Isn't the pic lovely? ^^
It turned out better than I thought it would... I didn't really plan it or anything, I just took it. I always just take pictures and hope they turn out nice. And they often do, if I may say so myself hehe


I always get nostalgic the, few, times I go out to this small farm (as they call it... It's more or less "in town", walking there takes about 20 minutes). I  guess it's not normal to feel nostalgic about farm life when I a) never lived in a farm in my whole life, and b) am pretty much afraid of insects and animals. But I just feel there is something romantic about having a small house in the middle of nowhere and see the horses and goats roaming around the fields. It puts my heart at ease and I find myself thinking "wow, this is what life should be like..."

I do realize, at the same time, that the amount of hard labour that goes into tending even a small farm is no joke.

But won't even farmers, when the day is almost over and the sun is setting behind the trees, sit down and take a minute to enjoy the world?


The small bench seems like the perfect place to sit with the person you love, leaning your head against that persons shoulder, holding hands, watching the peacful surroundings and smiling, knowing what it is to be happy.
It's just such a romantic spot, I think ^^

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