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Hurricane Venus

I like the image of a Hurricane Venus.
That is, from Boa's song.

I especially like the line "불안한 소용돌이 그 안에서 태어나", but unfortunately the most common translation for it online seems to be "The uneasy whirlpools are born in there", but with my very limited knowledge of the Korean language I would rather have the line translated to something like "Born from the uneasy whirlpools". I have been trying to find a translation that confirms my version, and finally I found one from this youtuber (thank you!).

The meaning of that one line makes all the difference.
Just think about it! A woman born from the whirlpools gives a totally different image than the classic Venus born from the sea (you know the lady on the big shell? On the painting by Sandro Botticelli? Google it lol). I imagine the classic Venus to be gently blown towards the shore...  There is nothing cool about that!

But a Hurricane Venus. She is born from a whirlpool! That is way cool! Whirlpools are considered something dangerous, no? So being born from them should mean that you get strong.

Then there is the aspect of Boa's dance as well. The entire dance is pretty forceful and masculine (punching and kicking her dancers, the hip thrusts...), but the ending pose with the male dancers collapsing around her is very, very feminine. You could say the dance routine is symbolic of the birth of the Hurricane Venus; the fight to rise from the whirlpools that threaten to pull you down. And with the endig... well, I think it's painfully beautiful; a woman's true power lies in her femininity.

Now, I'm not saying all ladies out there should put on her dress and do handicrafts by the fireplace waiting for her hubby to bring home the bacon (no wait, that sounds kind of nice too lol). That's not necessarily the femininity of the Hurricane Venus. I would like to imagine a Hurricane Venus living true to herself, full of grace and elegance. But it's not a femininity you are born with, it's something you must acquire.