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On 'sluts'

Just to put it out there:

A girl/woman wearing short pants/skirt and/or revealing her belly, cleavage or som other parts of her boob is not a slut.

Trying to be sexy does not make a girl/woman a slut.

Using her body to get favours or get attention does not make her a slut, possibly just a bit skanky.

Having sex with many partners in a short time does not make a woman a slut.

However, having sex with many partners in a short time without having any fond feelings for any of them, kind of makes her a slut in my book.

It's not cool to use the word 'slut' for persons who aren't sluts for real. Because it you do, what do you call the real ones?
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Oh, you're talking about a very interesting (and current) topic! i'm very agree with you in this.

I'm neither for moralism nor for immoderation because imo people should neither exceeding in what they do nor judgeing others as easily as they're used to. Sluts exist, that's evident, but not any pretty / confident / sexy girl or woman is a slut, and people should admit the difference.

but people are hypocrite, and it's easier pointing the finger against someone than don't :(
yes, I think you are right.
I just think it's sad that some women call others sluts just because they don't like her. Like, trying to degrade her by giving her a bad sexual lable of some sort :P I see this happen almost everyday and I get so tired of it >.