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Celebrities who donate to charity 'in secret'

These days there have been two reported cases of celebrities who have been found out to have been donating to charity. The first was Xiah Junsu donating money to an organization, the other one was Shin Sekyung who donated rice to the refugees from Yeonpyeong Island. You can read about these cases on allkpop here and here. I did.

Stars getting involved with charity is nothing new and nothing special; they do it all the time to improve their image.
It makes no difference if it was done 'in secret', because it's just another part of the image building: it makes people think they 'found out' them and can see their true selves.

So. Shin Sekyung.
I'm supposed to believe that she was so concerned about those people who have left their homes on Yeonpyeong that she just had to go there to deliver som "rice and comfort". I can believe it if she had some relatives among them. But if she did, some rice and a visit probably wouldn't be all she could do for them.

So she went in secret, but strangely enough the news got to know it anyway? This woman reportedly dated Jonghyun for over a month in the middle of Seoul (on the streets?!) without getting found out, but she couldn't go to a remote place outside of Incheon without attracting attention?
I'm sorry, I don't buy it. This, too, is a publicity stunt.

And it worked! 
Netizen didn't wait long until they started to praise her kind and pure heart, saying things like "so this is why Jonghyun likes her!" or "her heart is just as beautiful as her face".

Somehow netizen are always blind to the possibility that not everything is black and white. Is it really because they are young?
Sure enough, if you keep an open mind and are ready to consider many possible reasons behind a certain action it gets harder to be a hard core fan, or anti-fan, of anything.

I'm not a fan or anti-fan, but I have been around long enough to suspect Shin Sekyung's little excursion wasn't just about her doing her best to help.

If I had been Shin Sekyung, and I had wanted to do something secretly for the misfortunate people from Yeonpyeong I had asked my manager, the same guy to knows all there is to know about me, to go there and take tons of  supplies with him. Or I had donated money to an organization anonymously. Believe it or not, you can do that. But as a celebrity I probably had realized that my biggest asset is my fame and would have used that.

There are lots of things Shin Sekyung could have done to help those people if she had chosen to use her fame instead of trying to help in 'secret'. She could have raised some funds, asked people to donate clothes or food. She could even have joined the military in order to help future victims. Or why not become a spy who would sneak into North Korea and end all madness altogether.

And I know some might think I'm just hating on Shin Sekyung because I'm a butthurt Shawol who is jealous of her glamorous body.
That's not the case.
And I'm not hating, I'm just saying she didn't do it because she is a wonderful person. I would be surprised if her management didn't tell her to go. Do I have proof? Of course not. But neither has all those who claim she is an angel.

And I just can't get over the "comfort" part. How delusional must a girl be to honestly believe that her going there will comfort those who lost their homes, maybe even a neighbour or family member, and probably won't be able to return ever again? I had understood it if they had requested for her to come. There has been some shows where sick kids ask to meet their idols, and that makes them happy of course. But for the fishermen on those islands, I doubt they have even watched Shin Sekyung's works.

As for Xiah Junsu, the same goes for him. Of course it was for improving his image. The same thing with JYJ who apparently donate part of their income from the world tour to charity. They are doing what they can to show that they are the good guys. But I will get back to the whole JYJ-thing one of these days when I'm not busy working on my thesis.