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Not going to debut soon...

I am sad to say that I have strong reason to believe Han Kyuwan is enlisting this coming Saturday.
Yes, on Christmas Day. I guess Koreans don't really care for Christmas anyways ^^;

Today on his cyworld there is this message:
"I want to enjoy things and have fun and live like Every day is the last Day"

Let's keep that in mind and try to follow it ^^

But I won't lose hope of seeing him debut one day >.<

But on the subject of trainees. I am very happy to see Jino is SM The Ballad! He may be a rookie, but boy can he sing! Very excited to see what happens to him after these promotions are over. I don't think SM will keep him hidden for long~ ;D

Also, Park Hyo Shin enlisted today. He has been an artist since he was in high school, it must feel strange to suddenly do something else. Maybe it will be good for him even? I hope he will be ok, always ^^