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Hopefully soon!

I know I am super late and all, but who is excited for the new male group from SM??? :D

I know I am!

Hopefully we will see some of the trainees I have stalked online the past few years. I know Han Kyuwan won't be in it, and I doubt Kang Junyoung will be in it (he has been somewhat more active writing in his diary on his mini-hompy the past month), but maybe Park Chanyeol and Kim Joonmyeon? Let's hope!

I guess Jino will be in it, and I am really happy about it. He is an impressive fellow. Man, he is great!

Oh, and I hope the Chinese trainee Yi Xing who danced for SHINee will be in it. He looked like he could dance!

I can't wait! I'm already loving them, whoever they migth be XD


Hi, I was wondering if you could give me Han Kyu Wan's blog link? Please share it with me! Thanks in advance!
Hello ^^
Wah, are you Han Kyuwan's fan too? :D
Anyway, you are in luck. He closed all parts of his mini hompy when he enlisted, but he has opened some parts again :)
Here is the link http://www.cyworld.com/hkw880626
Yes, I'm a big fan of him!
It's too bad that he isn't going to join SM's new group! I was looking forward to his debut.

Why isn't he going to join the group though. I'm not sure why.

I hope you reply soon! Thanks for the link!
I was looking forward to his debut too :(

He entered the army 26 december 2010, so that's why he is not going to debut soon.
Maybe he enlisted because he knew he wasn't going to debut? Or maybe he had to go into the amry now? I don't know the reason.
I hope he will at least debut when he is finished with the army! :)
Thank you for the precious information!
Why did he join the army so early? I'm really sad, but he'll get out in 2012, so maybe he'll debut then? I hope so...

By the way, he closed his Minihompy now right? I can't access it now.
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