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Mar. 1st, 2010


omg I did it XD

I am now on Twitter.

You'll find me here: twitter.com/susil_ 

I guess I will share my thoughts and comments about things in general... Hopefully I will use it lots!

so come on y'all!

follow me or just stalk me ;D

Feb. 11th, 2010


Today, or rather just some minutes ago, I thought it actually might be fun to have a Twitter.
I still haven't decided what to do.
My main reason for not having one has been that I don't think anyone would care to follow me anyway lol But who follows your diary? Just putting things out there might be fun for me.
Might be.
At least today more so than yesterday.

Valentine's day coming up! Let's all love each other <3

Jan. 16th, 2010

If someone would ask me...

What do you think you would regret the most when you are 60 years old:

not having been a mother


not having had an opportunity to see (hear!) Park Hyo Shin live?

I would say the latter.


Because I am convinced that artists like Park Hyo Shin are rare.
Like, really rare.

It's a blessing just to be able to listen to his voice on CD.
Yes, that is exactly how much I love his songs ^^

Jan. 8th, 2010

(no subject)

First post for the year, so Happy New Year to all! ^^

We have had some snow the past weeks, and today we have 48 centimeters of lovely white snow ^o^

It's also really cold (today -14 Celsius), but it's ok. It's still winter!

I saw this ad here on my Livejournal for something called Stardoll. "Want to be a Fashion Designer?" the ad asked. "Well, yeah, why not?" was my answer, but I realized soon it's a community for girls way younger than me. "So what? I'll just make an account anyways and be a fashion designer/stylist for celebs!" But then it hit me. If I give them my real age and start hanging there, will the moderators think I'm trying to seduce the young girls? If I make myself younger than I am will I be an even bigger suspect? :O

In the end I didn't make an account (I have to admit, I imagine it to be a pretty lame place anyways since it's made for young girls... but I might be wrong...) and instead I just styled Yubin in some outfits (yes, Yubin as in the Wonder Girls... I was surprised to see her and the rest there... wow, they must be pretty big among young people in the US then...).
I also noticed the clothes didn't fit the doll very well... For that one t-shirt you could choose from having a bit of both boobs stick out from the edges or letting a bit of the hip pop out... hmm... And then they are wearing these horrible swimsuits that are visible under say, strapless dresses or even a slightly low-necked top -_-

But I have to love Dolly Parton's wardrobe :D

Nov. 30th, 2009

Thank you Uni for being so far away

I commute to university. It takes over an hour to go there by train, and then I need to come back home too, so all in all, I am on the train almost 2½ hours (the days when I have classes that is). For someone like me, who loves to see how nature changes, it really is a golden opportunity to just sit back and enjoy the scenery.

I have seen the seasons turn from lush summer to blazing autumn and the current almost-winter state characterized by gloomy rain clouds and muddy fields. I have seen sunrise and sundown, I have been blinded by the radiant sun sittig by the window and not wanting to pull down the curtain, and I have followed the trickling streams of rain across the glass. Every day is really like a miracle.

The first time I saw the morning mists over the big lake I was honestly surprised. Sure, I had seen mists drift over the sea before, but this morning the mist was hanging, perfectly still, two feet or so above the surface of the water. This big lake is BIG, and the sight of that big lake covered in perfect mists is still one of my favourite sights so far from my commuting. Sure, there has been several mornings since then, and the misty lake is always beautiful, but that first autumn mist was something extra.

It's not only nature who can make beautiful things though. The oil refinery in the dark is spectacular. I think the refinery's structure with pipes everywhere is fascinating even in broad daylight, but in the dark it's lit up with what must be thousands of small lamps. The pipes are no longer visible, instead you see a web of lights.

I have to admit, some days I just don't care about the wonders of nature. I'd much rather close my tired eyes and listen to music. I always listen to music. And some songs are just perfect for travel.

I used to favour going by bus, but it is now clear to me that train is supreme. With bus you go on the highway and you will always have the other lanes and guardrails on both side, and then there are other cars and trucks as well. But on the train there is only the train and nothing more. Brushing past bushes in high speeed and pushing through darkness in snug tunnels... you get so much closer to the beautiful surroundings in a train.

I look forward to experiencing the coming winter, and I would be lying if I said I don't expect breathtaking snow scenes. I'm pretty sure I won't be disappointed. Mother Nature, I'm counting on you~ ^o^

Nov. 27th, 2009

New start?

Time sure flies.
I've felt this for many years now... At first I thought it was a sign of me getting older, and now... well, I AM getting older so I can't see any other reason haha

Isn't the duckie (or is it chick?) in the layout cute? :D
I also changed the title of this journal... At first I had the intention to change it according to the seasons, but it turns out I was to lazy to update even once/season. lol. So this tiem I picked something that will last a bit longer. First Day of Forever. I like this kind of expression, and no, not only because it reminds of Wang Lee Hom's "Yongyuan De Di Yi Tian" (one of my first favourite songs by him ^^), but because it means every day can be a new start. I think it's inspirational ^^

So will I be able to keep this thing more updated? I won't make any promises, but I'll try at least haha

So I have been going to school like a good kid and passing my courses so far... Most of the time the classes aim to make us confused and frustrated, and I kind of like that haha We are encouraged to question EVERYTHING around us, and it's fun, I promise ^^

The only problem is: it's almost impossible to explain what I study. There is no easy answer, and every answer will exclude some parts of it. I guess it can seem as if I don't really know what I'm up to in school haha

It will be christmas soon. Yay!

Nov. 26th, 2009

I just wanted to tell someone...

...I really really really love the song "Ae sang" by Park Hyo Shin.

(it's from the OST of the drama "Dae Jo Young". Haven't seen it, but I kind of want to.)

[After being quite dead for some time this livejournal will be updated one of these days... I blame school and laziness for the lack of updates. To all my fans, I'm sorry XD]

Aug. 23rd, 2009

Belated birthday wishes, comeback & september soon...

On my sisters bithday I tried to post a congratulatory message to her, but Livejournal hated me on that day, so it never got posted TT__TT

I'm sure she knows I gratulated her (I gave her not one, but two cards LOL), but I'll just say it here once again:

Happy Birthday to my lovely sister!


And then there is the news that Park Hyo Shin will make his comeback in september!    yaa~y

It's not many days left till september... even though I don't want to think about it too much.... because that means I'll go back to university... It's not that I don't think I'll like it there, but I kind of wonder if I'll be able to get any friends there... during my past three years of university life I didn't really get even one friend who I talked to outside school... I wonder if I do something wrong... 'cause I am nice and all, at least I think so. Maybe I should be more aggressive in making contact with people. But the thing is, I don't want to force myself on anyone. I hate the kind of small talk that appears when people who don't know eachother, and don't want to know eachother, hang out. It's cold and awkward. Makes me feel worse that actually being alone since it feels like the other person don't like being with me :P

haha it doesn't actually bother me, not having friends in school, but since you have to work in pairs and groups all the time, it would be nice to have some people around that I know I can work with...

Jul. 27th, 2009

I have longed for this kind of news >_

Word around Internet has it that Park Hyo Shin has filmed an MV in Switzerland.
Most likely it will be an MV for his come back and 6th album.

Oh, how I have been waiting for this! It must be true! It must be!

I don't care if he makes his comeback with a disco beat and dressed in purple leather from head to toe with a sparkling belt to top it all off (hey, that would be something! ;D).

All I care about is that he will sing. And I will love it.

Jul. 11th, 2009

Having the world as your playground, but nothing else

Sometimes I am envious of my friends... They travel the world and get to see every corner of it.
I don't have the desire to see every place; I'll do just fine without Washington DC and Jamaica and England, but still, there are some places I would love to visit...

But then there are times when I'm not envious of my friends. They travel the world and wish they could just stay indoors and watch old seasons of American tv-shows. Travelling is no longer for seeing new wondrous places; it has become more of a symbol of our generation. We must travel to become capable people*. We must travel to show that we live. We must travel simply because we can.

If you ask me, there is no point in travelling anywhere if you are not willing to see things differently, willing to learn new things, willing to change the way you see the world and yourself. There is no point in touring the world if you come back the same person. There is no point in seeing the marvels of the world if you are unable to appreciate them wholeheartedly.

But then again, I might just be jelaous.

*It might seem as a joke, but employers see traveling the world, regardless of what you actually did there, as a sign of personal maturity, trustworthiness and social capability. But I really fail to see the logic when I hear about what people actually do when they are abroad -_-;;

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